Joe Fischer
How it all started
10 year old Joe Fischer became interested in magic while
watching Wonderama with Bob McAllister and The Magician
with Bill Bixby.  Each week these shows taught viewers some
simple tricks that anyone could perform.  Joe was hooked.   A
great hobby to show friends and family.  Then an unknown
magician, Doug Henning, opened a Broadway show and now
Joe had his profession.  From that point on all school work
revolved around the fact that this is what he would do for a
living.  Of course teachers, guidance counselors and family all
thought it was a nice hobby but he needed to decide on what
he would do for a living.  All through elementary school, high
school and college Joe knew that this is what he would do
one day.

A college degree in hand Joe went into magic as a full time
profession.  Many performers had other jobs to fall back on but
not Joe.  All his efforts were put into making his career as a full
time entertainer a reality.  In addition to the birthday parties Joe
created various educational programs that use magic to teach
a lesson.  Topics on substance abuse, reading, cultural
diversity and the environment allowed Joe to expand into the
school market throughout NJ, NY and PA.

Almost everyday Joe is in a school giving back.  He created a
program, "Secrets of Magic", where he teaches children the
basics of magic hoping to instill the love of the art that he has
to others.


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